About us

This page is about us, and that includes you (it's about all of us  working together).  Business seems such a clinical word; it's really  about building a relationship between two parties which has mutual benefits for both sides.

We sell products, and you buy products it should be an equally fair exchange. We are proud and feel privileged to be able to sell Kid-O-Bunk in the UK, we can comfortably sleep at night (no deliberate pun intended) knowing that this fantastic product has been well designed and built to the highest quality standard as we would all expect.  

OK so we are a 'business', but only in the legal sense of the word, at the end of the day we are people too, it's likely that we share very similar morals and values to you. We are a small business based in Daventry Northamptonshire, but we don't agree that just because we are small customer service should be a compromise, in fact, we believe that we can provide a better customer experience as we are a small dedicated team who care.  

We respect that you have choices about who you do business with, and more importantly we wouldn't expect you to do business with the first person you met in the street, so why should we expect you to do business with us? (Especially if this is the first we've met).

We are looking to build a long-term relationship with you. If you purchase a Kid-O-Bunk from us then we are entering into a contract with you to support and provide back up and service as you deserve. We have real people answering the phone when you call us why not ask for Tracy or Simon; we'd prefer to beon first name terms after all.

Take your time and ask as many questions as you'd like to ensure you know who you are dealing with.

So who am I?

I am Simon Parslow, my official role here is MD, however, I'm not one for fancy titles and positions. However, I do think I'm officially qualified to sell Kid-O-Bunk.  As the proud father of 4 daughters, I (along with my long-suffering wife (putting up with me, not the kids)) have experienced our fair share of sleepovers, impromptu friend drop-ins and weekend visits away to family and friends.
Sharing beds and sleeping on the occasional blow-up bed, I can honestly say I wish Kid-O-Bunk had been available years ago. Our eldest two daughters
are now well past the recommended age for Kid-O-Bunk, they drive themselves to a family get together now! However, our youngest daughters are spot on the intended demographic for this great product.  

At ages, six and eight they needed no encouragement when I brought the sample home, it was an understatement to say that they were excited. I was greeted with chants of "Kid-O-Bunk, Kid-O-Bunk, Kid-O-Bunk" as I entered the house, they were ready for deployment!

What I hadn't expected when I'd first looked at Kid-O-Bunk sales video was the fun and bonding we had when putting the Kid-O-Bunk together. OK so there isn't too many parts to assemble (many people have commented that this is good as there are no small parts to loose), but what I found was both children, but especially our youngest one, really enjoyed the mechanics involved in the assembly. Reading the instructions and learning how to put the disc system together on the end of the poles tested their co-ordination, dexterity and motor skills. It was fun to watch them get so absorbed into the whole process and witness their sense of acheivement at the end of it.

The kid-O-Bunk duly was deployed to their bedroom and became many things; a den, a bench, two single beds side by side, but most importantly for the eldest of them it became her main bed for two weeks as I couldn't get her out of it.  Eventually, I had to evict her from the Kid-O-Bunk and relegate her back to her normal bed as I had a job to do, showing the Kid-O-Bunk to interested retailers. At least in my ensuing presentations I could confidently say that its is very comfortable, as recommended by my eight-year-old daughter.

The Kid-O-Bunk is now a natural part of our luggage when visiting family. Our daughters are still excited every time they assemble it; they have even taught Grandad how to put it together (what they don't quite understand is why they have to re-teach him every time they visit, early dementia isn't mentioned anywhere in the Kid-O-Bunk manual).  

Kid-O-Bunk has become part of our family, ok, so it's a few metal poles and some fabric, so what I hear you cry, moreover it's about kids having fun and making the fantastic memories that last forever. Sleepovers, slumber parties, visiting Grandma and Grandad, and even camping (sorry I don't do camping..however now we have Kid-O-Bunk we might have to experience 'glamping' (all in the name of product research of course)) are all enhanced by the addition of Kid-O-Bunk.

SoI guess if you've read this far we've probably got something in common. At the end of the day, most families do similar things and experience
life is similar ways, through my ramblings I hope you can draw some parallels with you own life, but if not, thanks for reading.
Ifyou'd like to ask me anything about Kid-O-Bunk, our business or why I don't particularly like camping, then feel free to drop me a line (or
call); simon.parslow@targetholdings.co.uk  01327 301950

If you'd like to visit our corporate website, it's here: www.targetholdings.co.uk

Maybe you'd like to know more about the company behind Kid-O-Bunk, their corporate site is here:  www.discobed.com